Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Garden Chair

Here's a little painting of a garden chair I saw on a lawn in front of the Dartbrook store in Keene early one morning. It was that brilliant cad. red that I like. I believe it's a personal take on the Westport chair which some consider the original Adirondack chair. At any rate it's an ADK icon. This is a color sketch I did quickly just for fun then I found that it fit in an old gold frame that was chipping the same red color which made it kind of special. 9x12 oil
SOLD At the Corscaden Show 2010


Dabney Starr said...

The sweet red chair appears to be floating on a sea of soft foliage. The image feels personal and inviting at the same time. The angle of the chair perfects the composition! I love this painting!

Sandy & Ian Mackie said...

We are so flattered! Beautiful painting of a chair we build. We call it a Garden Chair, but it is based on the almost century old design of Dutch architect, Gerhardt Rietveldt.
Sandy & Ian Mackie