Saturday, July 27, 2013

Birchbark Vases

 Todays crop of Raku vessels. I created these by impressing slabs of clay onto some birch log pieces.

Raku Birchbark Vase.

 Paul Soldner is considered the "Father of American Raku". Thats his face emblazoned on my t- shirt smoking a cigar. He actually signed it at a convention and I wear it in his honor when I do a raku firing.  

 I have just pulled a successful piece out of the fire pit.


Raku U

 Did a Raku Fire today creating more of my "Birchbark" vessels.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Little Cairn on the Boquet

 I really respond to the presence of cairns. They are sculpture that evokes a sense of impossibility, surprise, and mystery (especially when they are found, not made by the viewer). I also like them as studies in form and shadowing.  This little cairn was found along  the Boquet R. in the Hemlock forest. 9x9in pastel

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hulls Falls

 A small Plein-Air painting of Hulls Falls, a spectacular place to spend time on a hot day. There is an iron bridge over it but I left it out. I actually witnessed trout jumping UP the falls.  9x9in oil

Along the Boquet

 The first place we visit when we come to the ADK's is a quiet trail a short walk off the highway. This Hemlock forest along the Boquet river is a neverending source of beauty. 9x9in pastel

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Birch Trees After a Rain.

A summer thunderstorm came through Keene Valley and wonderful mists arose out of the woods. 9x9in pastel

Lake Cascade

 A small pastel of view down the length of Cascade Lake at the foot of Mt. Cascade. Pitchoff is on the left. It was cool day and the birch trees were just beginning to leaf and were almost purple in color. I'm told the birches are slowly dying out  here because of  the salting of the winter road. 9x9 pastel on sanded paper

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Morning Walk,Keene Valley

 Each morning at dawn I walk about the town to catch the morning light as it travels up the street in Keene Valley,NY. This fellow came out to get his paper and told me the story that he recently bought the house not knowing it originally belonged to his grandmother many years ago.  12x12in oil  

Chapel Pond Afternoon

 My favorite place in the Adirondacks. 11x14in pastel

Daytime Moon-Noonmark Mt,October

 Took out the pine tree. It was too xmas tree-like. Works better now. 18x12in Pastel