Wednesday, July 14, 2010

6pm Severn

The evening sun created deep shadows. I painted quickly, on site, in around 1-2 hours. I will now take it back to the studio and sharpen it up some when it dries. The day was hot but pleasant in the shade.

The Penninsula -detail

Painted this yesterday and still consider it a work in progress.
It takes awhile to see the jumble of trees and leaves as distinct shapes. I had started this picture in the Spring and put it away as "what was I thinking?" Then, on a whim, took it back to the site looked at the "skyholes" and tried to paint them individually on top of the previous jumbled mess. I approached it like I painted rocks, one at a time,working from the middle to the left. I have great admiration for those artists that can bang out a complicated plein air piece in one sitting and call it finished. Me, I seem to have better results revisiting pictures either on site or in the studio. This painting will still need another day to get the water right. This site has great emotional significance for me. I camped here as a kid and grew up being mesmerized by it as one of the last wild places on the Severn.