Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Morning- Keene Valley

I wanted to try a new color for a ground, a dark reddish-brown. I used an acrylic product that is made up of discarded paint left after manufacturing. The ultimate recycling. After priming my birch panel I was left with a very grainy fine textured surface almost like my sanded pastel paper. I think I like the effect. Like painting on a window screen (only a Baltimore person would understand this). This is a memory picture from an old photo. When the sun finally comes up over the mountain and shines into Keene Valley everything is bathed in this yellow-orange glow. It is now that I start thinking about the summer. My show has been very successful so far. Many pieces have sold. After the big push of production I now need to think about what direction I want to go. I want to play with the effects of light, let surface textures play a part , flatten and abstract the images and, if using a photo, continue to go beyond what the photo does. If I can take that spirit into my plein air, great. oil on birch panel 10x10in. SOLD