Friday, March 26, 2010

Red Truck

Still working on this one in the studio. I like to sit a painting aside for a while and study over it. I have some unresolved issues with the windows. If I paint them as dark as they really are I feel they will distract from the truck which is the real subject of the painting. Happy for suggestions.WWHD (what would Hopper do?)12x12in on panel
SOLD at the High peaks Art Show 2010

Frissy's Wheelbarrow

A little quick color sketch. I enjoy seeing a shot of color in green landscapes, like my firetruck paintings. 6x6in. oil on panel

Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Light

First in a series of small Chapel Pond studies that will track the light as it moves down the mountain. 6x6in oil

On Noonmark

Noonmark mountain is a peak in Keene Valley with a commanding 360 view. It gets its name because, viewed from the valley, the sun seems to rest on the top at noon. During the dark days of Feb. I wanted to relive the feeling of a summer climb. A self portrait from a combination of sources in pastel.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

morning still life

One of my favorite painting sites in Keene Valley right next door to the school. These two buildings sit on the landscape like porcelain china on a tabletop catching the morning and evening sunlight. There are endless possibilities for exploration of light and shadow. 10x10in. oil on birch panel SOLD

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Garden Chair

Here's a little painting of a garden chair I saw on a lawn in front of the Dartbrook store in Keene early one morning. It was that brilliant cad. red that I like. I believe it's a personal take on the Westport chair which some consider the original Adirondack chair. At any rate it's an ADK icon. This is a color sketch I did quickly just for fun then I found that it fit in an old gold frame that was chipping the same red color which made it kind of special. 9x12 oil
SOLD At the Corscaden Show 2010