Thursday, April 5, 2012

Heritage Tomatoes

 The Farmers Market is starting up  this Saturday. I worked this one from a photo I took last year. I really like building up patches of colors. Let's face it. I don't do smooth. I will live with this one for a couple of days and smooth out some of the rough edges maybe. but I am amazed by the colors of these Non supermarket tomatoes , and the taste, oh boy , I can't wait for Summer. pastel 11x14in     

Barn on Cromwell Bridge Rd.

 I was out hiking with the dog in Cromwell Park  when I caught this incredible blue shadow cast on this barn. It gave me a chance to try out these new Terry Ludwig soft pastels. They're like drawing with sticks of butter but I'm getting the hang of them.   pastel 11x14 in.