Sunday, May 13, 2012

View From Thorsby

 In 1923 my grandfather bought a small cottage on the Severn River abput 12 miles north of Annapolis in a Summer community called Sherwood Forest. The house was sold in the '70's and remodeled and re configured extensively. My sister and brother-in-law were able to buy it back and now the family is back on Thorsby Hill again. I did this plein air piece on a painting excursion with Bear Miller on a brisk, windy day in early spring (Easter monday,to be exact) The trees were just starting to leaf and they were this electric green that only comes in the spring. We were standing on the edge of the bluff painting with one hand and holding our canvases with the other.  I dashed this very quickly as the shadows moved down the side of the house.I painted the view, Bear painted me painting theview. If you want to see his rendering check out his blog over there on the right.  8x10in oil on panel