Thursday, April 1, 2010

Severn Sunset

A tiny painting I dashed off last Summer that I found this morning(Thurs.) and did some more stuff to. There is a land mass on the Severn that we just call "the Peninsula." Some call it the "Green Cathedral" It is the last uninhabited piece of land on the river reaching out into the water, a thin arm of sand and pines. I have camped there as a child and and like to canoe there now to admire the cliffs. This one painting was started after a particularly dramatic Summer sunset but it was not executed very well and I put it in the closet (listed under Too Cliche) I found it while Spring cleaning the studio and just started fiddling with it from memory and I am pleased with the result, so much so that I returned to the site today (SAT.) and did a plein air that I will post later. I think I will be doing more with this unique view. 5x9in oil