Sunday, March 3, 2013

Capturing the Moon

 One evening few weeks ago I was driving north up Dulaney Valley to Manor Rd. and at the top of the hill was amazed to see the full moon just beginning to rise above this farmhouse. The moon was a pinkish-orange with the setting sun behind me mirrored in the window.  
 I pulled over and shot some pictures with my phone. It was an exceptioally beautiful moment. A car approached me on the road and I thought uh-oh her comes the owner to chase me of the property. No, it was another viewer with a camera. both of us just stood in this field transfixed.  I painted it in pastel much blue-er and darker than represented here. The camera doesn't quite get the color right. I'll take some better pictures before framing.  12x14in pastel on blue sanded paper