Friday, January 23, 2009

Chapel Pond 2

When the first sun hits Chapel Pond around 6:30 am,and Round Mt. on the left, it creates a bright yellow green band that touches the treetops and gradually (and quickly) works its way down the sides of the cliff. The pond is like a mirror with the silence broken only by the whoops of an early swimmer hitting the cold water.

Riverocks- Bouquet River

Just a few yards off Rt 73 is a beautiful Hemlock Forest where I like to paint. It's a magical spot with mossy rocks and soft filtered light. I'm in deep shade and the Bouquet Riversweeps through like a bright green ribbon. 9x14 oil

Rt 73 Bridge- Keene Valley

I woke up very early one morning and explored the town before dawn. I wanted to be on location someplace when the sun came up. What I discovered was the orange and violet light of the street lamp on this steel bridge crossing the Ausable River. 9x9in. oil