Monday, February 9, 2009

Sno cone

This is the little town of Keene Valley. The yellow building is The Birch Store, filled with beautiful furnishings, gifts, textiles, and jewelry. The Sno-cone was a street sign for the Noonemark Diner (out of frame on right) famous for its ice cream and berry pies. I thought the sno cone was funny out there in a traditional landscape. Dawn 9x9 oil


I think the little barn in this painting must be the most painted and photographed building in the park. I backed up a bit and added the stop sign just for fun as if saying "Don' t paint me . It's been done." 9x9 oil


On one of my pre-dawn strolls (5 am) I spotted the Keene Valley fire dept's antique fire engine parked across the street from the fire house. It was illuminated in the night by the streetlight overhead. It seemed to glow in the dark. 9x9in oil

keene valley porch II

This one is a re-do of the painting on an older post called Keene Valley porch. I was't pleased with the pine tree and the painting seemed lifeless so I added the red canoe for a burst of color. The canoe was actually there the year before. 9x9 oil