Monday, December 1, 2008

keene valley house dawn

Every morning during the summer I'm out walking with my dog and a cup of coffee before the sun rises over the mountain. I watch the dawn create dramatic shadows all through the town. It's gotten so I know where the sunlight will hit each house at the perfect time.The morning sun turns these pines a bright violet whenit travels down market st. 9x9in. oil sold

Shadowplay pastel

the stone wallbehind the Trails End Inn where we stay in Keene Valley NY-Dawn

approaching storm Keene Valley

These white houses in Keene Valley are a short walk from the B&B in town. I try to think of Hopper as I paint them. 9x9in. oil sold

Chapel Pond- Dawn, Keene Valley NY

At dawn the sun rises over Giant mountain and washes Chapel Pond and Round Mt. in this golden curtain of light which moves quickly down the side of the mt. 9x9in. oil
SOLD at the Corscaden Show Keene Valley NY 2010

bouquet river from the hemlock forest Keene Valley series

There is a lovely hemlock forest on the way into Keene Valley that I visit often. I painted this in about an hour(10x10in). I had to work very fast to capture the light changes.It was a breakthrough painting in that I couldn't detail it and I used a heavy impasto style. sold

beach road Fadly's Landing series

looking down river towards the Main Pier

Fadleys Landing boatramp

on the Sherwood Forest beach road on the Severn River

beach road