Saturday, November 13, 2010

Marcy Field

The Farmer's Market in Keene Valley, NY is on a grass airstrip outside the town. I watched this brilliant orange plane sail over our heads and land just a few yards away. I dashed it off very quickly. 10x10in. oil

Farmers Market II

When the pumpkins are placed out on the parking lot at the Bel Air Farmers Market great colors and shadows abound. 8 1/2 x13 1/2 oil I did a substantial re-working of this painting with oil pastel.

Pennsylvania Farmhouse

On the way home from Harrisburg PA, driving back roads, I came across this farmhouse. It was around 5pm and the low sun was creating the shadows I look for. I had to pull over immediately. I will never be able to find this house again. 10x10in. oil