Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Painting on the Severn

A snap of my painting of the Peninsula in progress on a warm Spring morning. Sherwood Forest MD. 12x24in oil on birch panel

Painting with Bear

This week I had the opportunity to paint plein air with fellow artist Ed "Bear" Miller. Bear is a painter well known for his Adirondack landscapes and was a guest in my neck of the woods, Sherwood Forest, MD, where we painted along the Severn. Bear paints with an energy and verve that seems to channel the intensity of George Bellows and Harold Weston. Painting is a solitary business but when painters get together the shared experience is enlivened with stories, challenges (like jumping into the freezing river,YES!) revelation and learning. Always learning. A link to his blog can be found on the right in the Art History links.