Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall on the Peninsula

Here is Sunday's plein air painting of the Main Pier and Peninsula. It is essentially the same view I painted earlier in the Summer. I was lucky in that a very grey day turned into a beautiful sun filled evening. The sun does interesting things to this beautiful land form. As I was painting the owner of the sailboat rowed out to his boat, raised the sail and sailed away. I'm glad I painted it in first. oil 13.5 x 19

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Painting with Maggie

Got busy last Sunday on another painting of the penninsula. I happend to catch a splended clear afternoon with just a little fall color.Will show when complete. Here is my set up in my Honda Element. I took the seats out and use bunjies to strap stuff to the sides. Maggie is very content to hunker down as I spend the day painting behind the truck. I sometimes use the tailgate as a seat and when I put a windshield cover over the back window which pops up, it creates a great sunshield. I prefer to paint on birch plywood panels called "elephant board."I prime them red as an underlayer for landscape because it can make the greens pop. Sometimes I use a light sienna. My wet boxes are pizza boxes. Light, fit 10-12in panels and they're free.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Farmers Market

When I go to the Bel Air farmers market Saturday mornings I marvel at the colors and shapes of the produce the venders place out in front of their stalls. The morning sun in October creates long raking shadows and the vegetables provide that shot of color I enjoy so much. Isolated by the asphalt, the tomatoes and gourds are like sculptures in a gallery. 8x10 oil on panels ROMA TOMATOES-SOLD