Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Somerville Rd. 4-6pm

This plein air piece was done on a clear cold evening when the setting sun turned everything orange/green. This is my favorite time of the day. I am attracted to the bands of orangish light that travel up the tree and eventually disappear when the sun finally sets. I had to paint quickly. I also wanted to show the sun hitting the tree limb in the gap between the trees. It's a little suprise "moment of light" that I like to seek out.
9x12in oil on panel

Thursday, December 23, 2010

McLhinney Building-Havre de Grace, MD

oil pastel study 8x101n

I have always admired this old building on the corner of Washington St. I think it would be a cool place to live and have a studio on the top tower. 10x10in. oil

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


At dawn while I was out on Main Pier ,down in Sherwood Forest, I was attracted to the blue shadows cast on the white dinghy. My work seems to be about what happens to colors when they go in and out of shadow. Whether its rocks,or white houses, or cups and saucers I find the effect beautiful and I like catching these quiet moments.
oil on panel 10x 22 in SOLD

Friday, December 3, 2010

Brewers Pond

After I spent a full afternoon in the early fall painting at my favorite spot in Sherwood Forest on the Severn River I had a full palette of paint and a little panel left over. I turned to the left and dashed off this little painting in about 15 minutes. My aim was to react quickly and leave out ALL detail. The resulting painting has a freshness and vitality that sustained longer paintings sometimes lack. I worked on it a little last night from memory to clarify the trees in the center a bit but left it alone for the most part as a record of a magic moment. 8x10 in oil on panel

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Along Castleton Road.

I started this painting on site at a plein air gathering with painter John Saurs last summer. I was really attracted to the golden light on the house. I finished up last night using some photo references. That's when I added the figure walking down the street.

Fort McHenry II

I discovered Fort McHenry as a painting destination at the end of the summer and did a few on site paintings there. The fort is surrounded by rows of sycamore trees that line a walkway along the water. At around 7 pm the setting sun lit these trees up. I did this pastel from some photo references, taking out some fencing and scaffolding. 18 x 26 pastel

Playing Fields

I have my studio in the former convent on the school grounds where I teach. My window looks out over the playing fields where I can watch the kids play soccer and track from my window. One evening the sunset was so clear that I did a pastel watching the shadows reach across the grass. 18x24 in