Tuesday, December 31, 2013

From Tim's Porch

 A stellar view in the Adirondacks. One morning last summer we all gathered on Tim's porch and painted the rainstorm working its way up the valley.  6x12in oil

Evening on the Peninsula

 Late November I  traveled down to Sherwood Forest near Annapolis. It was quiet and misty on the Severn. Here is the Peninsula under different light. This majestic piece of land constantly gives me pleasure to gaze on. I have tried to create a sense of atmosphere using many layers of related values of bluish greys ,blending, rubbing and crosshatching.
18x24 in on sanded paper       

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Honorable Mention in National Juried Show

 It's always nice to be "mentioned honorably". My painting was chosen out of over 500 entries to be in the "Small Wonders" show at the MFA Gallery in Annapolis. It is a 6x6 oil of the Methodist church on Sweet Air rd. in Balto. co. .  

Fadley's Landing

 One thing about snow days is you can hunker down and get some drawing done. I had this one begun a year ago and it was languishing in a drawer unfinished. I pulled it out and worked it a little more and framed it. 11x17in pastel

Big Cairn on Little Crow

 Revisited a drawing I did last year by cropping a good bit off the sides, changing it from a 16x20in to a 12x16in composition. I also drew more into it adding more marks and color.  I found this cairn on top of Big Crow Mt. near Keene, NY   pastel on board

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello Wilber.

 Made a visit to the Schick farm and got a tour of the place. Bob and his wife Jeannie rescue horses. As we were walking through the paddock the sun came out and cast these beautiful shadows on the wall. And as if he was on cue this fellow popped his head out to say hello. He was a NYC Police horse during 9-11 and now spends his retirement eating grass and enjoying the sun.  I really liked the play of light and shadow and all of the interlocking squares and rectangles. The shadows were gone in seconds. I was lucky to get a shot of the horse. I took a lot of reference pictures and built the painting. Great fun getting back into the studio after a hiatus because of school. Pastel 18x24 in on sienna toned sanded paper.    

Friday, November 29, 2013

Some answers to some questions posed by one of my students

  • I was in 4th grade when I knew I wanted to be an artist. Miss Donohue, My 4th grade teacher, let me  draw through a  math class once. I knew I was on to something there. I also assisted an experienced teacher in a summer program when I was in High School. I didn't know at the time she was the Art Supervisor for Anne Arundel Co. Schools. 
  • I prefer to paint landscapes. in oil and pastel. I enjoy being outside , in the woods or along rivers. I feel close to nature and find spiritual sustenance there. But mostly I am attracted to bold color.
  • I have had many mentors, living and dead. Artists are constantly learning from other artists. Andrew Wyeth and Vincent Van Gogh were very early inspirations. Later , in adulthood, I fell in love with American Impressionism and the painters of the early 20th cen. Edward Hopper, Rockwell Kent, George Bellows, and the paintings of Fairfield Porter and the Canadian Tom Thompson. Those guys still paint better and fresher than many artists working today.  Living mentors were my teachers, Frank Kelly, Duane Sabiston, John Saurs, and  Eugene Leake, Robert Stark , and many others.
  • My wife has always supported me emotionally in producing art. She has always encouraged my art making.
  •  When I met  gallery owner, Martha Corscaden in New York, who wanted to show my work, I was really inspired to produce. I have had annual shows since 2009.
  • I always liked teaching. In Boy Scouts I used  to give "lectures" on stuff. I then became an Arts and Crafts camp counselor in high school through college. I  learned a lot on my own.  I found teaching something was the best way to learn something. I always enjoyed sharing what I had learned. I studied art teaching in college and got a job right out of school based on all my experience with kids in my summer programs.  
  •  Advice? Paint what gives you joy. Paintings are more than just the objects you draw. In my case they are about light, or color.  And Don't be afraid to take risks.There are no mistakes in art, only adjustments and discovery.  When you face your fear you find your art. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Painting at Chapel Pond

 Here I am with Maggie captured in a photograph by Terry Martin ,who was snapping pictures of the dawn the morning I was painting out at Chapel Pond.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MAPAPA Paint-out at Cylburn

 Cylburn Mansion

 Under the Japanese Maple

Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Wall

 Here are some of my paintings from my Summer showing at Martha's. 5 sold and 2 vases as well. I thought Martha arranged them beautifully on the wall.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Painting at "Fadley's Landing"


 On a beautiful last day of Summer traveled down to the Severn and painted this little sketch of Brewers Pond from Mr. Fadley's backyard. It turned into a little 19th cen-like ptg and looks great in a gold frame.This is part of my Peninsula series. Mr. Fadley's property lies on an incredibly serene hidden pond off the Severn. 5pm 8x8 oil on birch panel  

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Havre de Grace Lockhouse

 Painted this little sketch around 6pm on site along the Susquehanna river. Nice night except Maggie rolled in a dead catfish and stunk to high heaven! Good thing I never travel without Dr Bronners peppermint soap.9x12in oil  

Johns Brook Afternoon

On our last day in the Adirondacks we traveled down the Johns Brook with Bear Miller and painted streamside. A great, clear bright day. 9x12in oil

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gale Force at Chapel Pond

 Maggie inspecting after everything blew over. 

Went out to Chapel Pond to greet the dawn and paint. Vry strong winds were coming directly at me and I had my light easel so I painted with one hand and held on with the other. Had a great time, though, chasing the clouds until I let to get some paint out of my bag and a big gust took it all away. Stayed on the easel, though and didn't get dirty. Just set back up and painted some more. I got pretty messy though. What a great way to start the day!   
 10x20in oil on canvas board

Friday, August 9, 2013

Mount Cascade reflection

 Instead of a car in a landscape how aboout a landscape in a car?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Painting on Phelps Brook with Maggie.


Bear Rock

 Yesterday we spent the day painting on Phelps Brook behind Bear Miller's home. This rock figures in many of Bear's paintings so I titled it Bear Rock, it is also bare rock and it resembles a bear. The rules state "never put your subject in the middle" but I thought it worked in a square. 10x10in oil on canvas

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Birchbark Vases

 Todays crop of Raku vessels. I created these by impressing slabs of clay onto some birch log pieces.

Raku Birchbark Vase.

 Paul Soldner is considered the "Father of American Raku". Thats his face emblazoned on my t- shirt smoking a cigar. He actually signed it at a convention and I wear it in his honor when I do a raku firing.  

 I have just pulled a successful piece out of the fire pit.


Raku U

 Did a Raku Fire today creating more of my "Birchbark" vessels.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Little Cairn on the Boquet

 I really respond to the presence of cairns. They are sculpture that evokes a sense of impossibility, surprise, and mystery (especially when they are found, not made by the viewer). I also like them as studies in form and shadowing.  This little cairn was found along  the Boquet R. in the Hemlock forest. 9x9in pastel

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hulls Falls

 A small Plein-Air painting of Hulls Falls, a spectacular place to spend time on a hot day. There is an iron bridge over it but I left it out. I actually witnessed trout jumping UP the falls.  9x9in oil

Along the Boquet

 The first place we visit when we come to the ADK's is a quiet trail a short walk off the highway. This Hemlock forest along the Boquet river is a neverending source of beauty. 9x9in pastel

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Birch Trees After a Rain.

A summer thunderstorm came through Keene Valley and wonderful mists arose out of the woods. 9x9in pastel

Lake Cascade

 A small pastel of view down the length of Cascade Lake at the foot of Mt. Cascade. Pitchoff is on the left. It was cool day and the birch trees were just beginning to leaf and were almost purple in color. I'm told the birches are slowly dying out  here because of  the salting of the winter road. 9x9 pastel on sanded paper

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Morning Walk,Keene Valley

 Each morning at dawn I walk about the town to catch the morning light as it travels up the street in Keene Valley,NY. This fellow came out to get his paper and told me the story that he recently bought the house not knowing it originally belonged to his grandmother many years ago.  12x12in oil  

Chapel Pond Afternoon

 My favorite place in the Adirondacks. 11x14in pastel

Daytime Moon-Noonmark Mt,October

 Took out the pine tree. It was too xmas tree-like. Works better now. 18x12in Pastel

Friday, June 28, 2013

Morning Clouds

 Painting early morning on the Okatie River in S.Carolina. I am on the end of a pier shaded by a roof looking across the river from the Oldfield Club where I have been staying. The thuderheads rolled swiftly by as two dolphins surfaced on their hunt. An exceptional morning. Not too hot. Nice breeze.  12x12in oil on birch panel .

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oldields Morning

 Painting off the back porch. 9x12in oil

Oldfield Pier on the Okatie River

Plein air  painting on a hot Summer morning . 9x24in diptych oil on birch panels. 2012 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Plumtree Run

This little stream flows behind my house. I hiked my stuff down to a little waterfall just past a wooden bridge and painted. Good to get outdoors again. I enjoy trying to capture movement, interlocking forms and simplifying all the information(details) until I'm left with a visual record of a peaceful moment .10x10in oil  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Jay Sketch

 A small study I did of an old factory building now used as a theater in Jay,NY.  It was a cold, misty day. I just enjoyed sketching the tangle of trees. 9x12in pastel 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dawn on Chapel Pond

  Plein Air. Finally got it right. oil 6x12in

Daytime Moon over Noonmark Mt.

Pastel 12x16in  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


 After a thundershower the rain cascades down the rockface into Chapel Pond 12x17in  Pastel

Keene Valley Days

 The red fire truck from the Keene Valley Fire dept. creates a great shot of color in the early morning sun. 10x10in oil

Monday, April 22, 2013

Meeting God on the Ground VII

 APRIL 24-28th 2013 is the 7th year of the Darlington show at the Deer Creek Presbyterian Church. I will have 15 paintings on view. Here are four of my favorites. If you come to the reception Friday April 26 from 7-9 you can hear a great Bluegrass band "Late for Supper" and see other great art by John Sauers, Dave DeRan, Greg Fletcher, Leslie Schwing, Mary Swann, Joan Preston and Elenor Mulholland.  
directions: from 95 take exit 89 to Rte 155west(Churchville rd.) go 2.9 miles and turn right onto rte 161 for 2.2 miles. Church is on left.