Sunday, November 11, 2012

Waterfall Meditation

 Today was unseasonably warm. In otherwords, a beautiful late fall day. I was working on the previous painting in my studio and I thought "I gotta get outside. This might be the last nice day of the fall" So I got my Plein Air kit and went hiking with Maggie the dog up the Little Gunpowder River. If you park on the Balt.Co. side ,just over the bridge and hike upstream for about 15 minutes and turn left when you cross a stream there is this terrific waterfall. Actually it's the lower half of a larger cascade. Even though painting a waterfall is terribly cliche, I find it incredibly restful and stimulating( if one can experience both at the same time) being streamside and trying to capture moving water. What a great day.  10x10in oil on board.  

Acton Cove, off Spa Creek. Annapolis

 I was walking in Annapolis one afternoon near West St. and came upon this scene that  reminded me so much of a Sisely painting that I thought I would attempt it in similar impressionist style. The day was slightly overcast so I put a lot of  very pale complimentary pinks and blues in the sky. 11x15 pastel