Monday, January 18, 2010

Severn River Pine

I went down to Sherwood Forest MD last Sunday. The sky was almost cobalt blue and the Severn a deep shade of ultramarine. I usually am down here in the summertime when the colors are rich warm greens and cerulean blues. The river is a different color in the wintertime. Colors are simple, flat and stark. The weather has been so overcast this winter in Maryland. When there is a clear sky everything seems new. I walked by this pine and just happened to see the sun hit this crooked branch. That is what sparked the painting for me. Was it cold!
I finished the painting off in my warm studio using reference shots from my cell phone.Yeah technology.
oil on birch panel 10x10in. SOLD!


D. Starr said...

The composition is excellent and the intense color creates visual interest that is just plain fun! Thanks for another great viewing experience!

Edward Bear Miller said...

Love the cobalt and your description of the day. So when are you taking me out on the Severn?!