Monday, February 11, 2013

Plato's Doors

"There was a famous (Platonist) school in Chartres_claimed there were 2 doors to heaven: the door of winter, which let the light in, and the door of summer, which let the light out. Plato claimed that the gods entered by the first and left by the second."   "The Cleaner of Chartres" by Sally Vickers, pg 103 
 There is a whitewashed stone barn on Cromwell Bridge rd. that I have painted before. I caught it at sunset and the white wall just glowed. I was intrigued by the barn doors and saw them as Rothkoesque  abstract shapes. I omitted the tree in front of the wall and concentrated on many layers of white, yellows,pinks, and blues to build up the glowing texture of the wall. Never thought it would take so long to paint a white wall. 16x16in pastel on sanded paper


Savanna Leigh said...

This is really lovely. I'd like to see more of this, finding abstraction en plein air. Interesting

William Cook said...

Hmmmm. Not just a white wall, huh? Fancy that. Do you remember Mapes Monacco? Just curious. Love the skipjack. Best.