Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Contemplating Diebekorn

On a horrible, rainy day was captivated by the Phillips Collection show of American Art, "Made in the USA"  Wasn't prepared for the vast collection of American . Hopper,Bellows, Henri, O'Keefe, Weston, Pollack, Sloan, Homer, Marin, Kent and more.  

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Grandfather Beech

 Behind my school there is a small forgotten tract of forest surrounded by development where some very old beautiful Silver Beech trees can be found.  My purpose was to play around  with a complimentary palette of purples and yellows.  11x14in pastel   

Chilly Peppers

 Finished drawing. While a snowstorm was raging outside I kept warm by working on this large pastel of chili peppers from photographs I took at the Bel Air farmers market last year. I worked on black sanded paper and purposely kept it loose and squiggly up close but seemingly realistic when observed from a distance. While I greatly admire the virtuosity of pastel artists who get in there and blend into hyper- realism, I prefer to let the colors mix optically by layering marks. 18x26in. pastel

Monday, March 17, 2014

Chili Peppers

 On a cold, snowy Monday the only way to keep warm in the studio is to do a hot drawing. I am working on a large 18x26 in pastel on a black sanded board. It's amazing how many colors can be found on a single pepper and I took that as my challenge. I,ll post it when it's finished. Many more layers and squiggles to go,  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Keene Valley Days

 Outside its snowing and cold. It's a snow day and it's time for my annual Keene Valley fire truck painting. I love the bright cadmium red truck that's parked all over town during August celebrations. Every winter I do a little painting  to remind me of those warm summer days. I donate the painting to the firehouse auction when we visit. I think this is the 4th . 10x10in oil on birch panel

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Day

 I completed this pastel during a snow day holiday from school last week. It was a clear, crisp and very cold morning walking Maggie through the woods behind school that I stopped to marvel at the  blue shadows cast by the sun. 16x20in pastel

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spring Thaw

 When the snow had finally melted I went walking through the woods and into the lower pasture on the farm behind our house. I came upon a pile of bones from a cow that didn't make it through the winter. The sun was casting low shadows on the bones and I was struck by their beauty. If you don't think of them as a pile of bones they are quite beautiful in terms of shapes and lines and colors.  This painting is my reaction to all of the "pretty" pictures I see in the pastel world. I've gotten so weary of majestic, pastoral scenery. I picked a subject that could be considered quite horrible but I think is very beautiful. It's nature, death, regeneration. Kind of a slap in the face visually. It's ugly but it's not. 18x26in pastel