Monday, March 28, 2016

Cars of Keene Valley


12x12 oil on birch panel

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Keene Valley Car #1 (Sloth)

Keene Valley , NY must have more antique cars per square mile than Jay Leno's garage. I love discovering them as I walk through the town. Folks  garage them all winter and drive them to the market or to dinner at the Ausable Club in the summertime. They appeal to me for their color, shape , and humor. After so many beautiful landscapes painted it's fun to change it up and do a colorful old car. I plan to do a series of full frontals because they remind me of faces. It occurred to me that it might be interesting  to name them after the 7 deadly sins ,( or virtues) . We'll see.  12x12in oil   

Monday, March 7, 2016

March Paintings

DRYDOCK,- the Skipjack Martha Lewis
  16x20in oil on acrylic 

Keene Vally Firetruck 
10x10in oil 

Here are two paintings I finished this weekend. The top is a Skipjack in Havre de Grace, MD pulled out of the water for repairs. It's one of the last workboats on the Chesapeake Bay. I sketched the boat then made an underpainting in acrylic. The acrylic dries fast  and I can then paint over in oils. The second painting is my annual donation the the Keene Valley firedept. Each year since 2009 I have painted the firetruck in different locations for a fundraiser in the summer.   It's nice that they park it somewhere different every year. I don't think they do it for me.  

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Summer of 48

Came upon this classic automobile in front of St, Brendan's Church in Keene, NY. I was not only attracted by the subject but by how the sky was reflected in the black of the paint. I got to mix my blacks and cerulean blues!  I began with a sharply delineated drawing, mapping out color shapes then a quick underpainting in acrylics , finishing off in oils.  . 12x12in oil 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Augies' Village ( Lost Dog)

I came upon this wonderful Christmas toy village made of wooden blocks at a friends house. It was lit up by a table lamp. I was intrigued by the shadows as if it was a real village, so real that I added my friends dog, Augie. 21x21in.charcoal

Monday, January 25, 2016

October View

 I went back to Keene Valley in October and composed this sketch from the porch overlooking the Ausable River. Lots more color than my summer view. Ive been working on off and on since then 18 x24 pastel  

Snow Day Paintings

crabby boys 11x14 oil

Magness' Barn- Solstice sunset 11x14 pastel 
 Maryland has been hammered with a blizzard for 3  days and Monday (today) was a SNOW DAY! Being a teacher, I look forward to snow days as much as the kids. When its cold and nasty I like to paint pictures that remind me of hot summer days. I started Crabby boys some time ago but never put in the bridge until today. It was a hot July dawn on the Severn River when the soft shell crabbers slowly motored up and down the shore.
The Magness' Barn is on the farm behind my house. The property has been sold for development and is now abandoned. I walked over on a clear evening in Dec. just in time to catch the evening sun on the barn.