Friday, May 18, 2018

Red White and Bluegrass

Another Memory piece from August. On our last night in Keene Valley, the town had a square dance on the lawn at the KVCC . Somehow,  everybody wore red white and blue.  12x24in oil

Monday, April 9, 2018

I'd like to share some good news. Yesterday the pastel of my friend, artist Gina Pierleoni, won an award in the "Works On Paper" show at the mfa Circle Gallery in Annapolis. It was a Nationally juried show curated by Mary Lee Corlett of the National Gallery and out of 700 entries two! of my paintings were chosen. Gina ,covered in her handmade sewn and beaded dolls, won an Honorable Mention. Thank you Gina for posing for me with all of your creations. It really gave me the opportunity to have fun with color and texture.

Monday, February 19, 2018

In the Valley

A pastel about  the quality of light in the High Peaks 11x17in  

Monroe Holt- ADK Guide 1874( after Homer)

Monroe Holt was a Keene Valley Guide in the late 1800's. I was given a challenge to paint him by George Ludlow so I painted Holt on a map of the High Peaks with his house (which is still standing and a local landmark) Holt was known for always wearing a red shirt. I think he thought it repelled mosquitoes. 8x10in in a victorian frame .                                                                                                               

Monroe Holt and Family

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Marcy Field concert -A" Snow day" painting

Yeah snow days! .Record low temps for Maryland . No school today so I could go through some summer memories and revisit  the warm days  of August. There is a small house on Marcy Field in Keene Valley. It was once the home of Monroe Holt (1845-19210, a  KV guide famously depicted in a Winslow Homer painting with Orson old mt Phelps called two guides. I've painted it many times from a distance. Never close up. One evening there was a concert of local musicians and, sitting on the ground listening, I looked up at that magnificent pine tree and knew I would have to paint it .  pastel 18x9in

Sunday, July 23, 2017

       THURSDAY AUGUST 10, 2017
                  4:30 TO 7:00 

                                                  HOURS : SUN, MON, TUE  11-4 P.M.

And by Appointment 58 BEERS BRIDGE WAY  (RT. 73) look for Art Barn signs KEENE VALLEY, NY

                                                            518.576.9850        //


In the High Peaks of the Adirondacks, nestled between two mountains, Round and Giant, there lies a small glacier-made body of water known as Chapel Pond. It’s easy to find, being right on the road that leads into Keene Valley, but once there one can look up at sheer mountain cliffs and experience the beauty and majesty of the Adirondacks, as well as get a great swim in before dinner. It’s a place I love to paint for many reasons, the light especially. I like to go out at dawn to watch (and paint) the sunlight descending slowly down the mountainside like fiery curtain. You get a sense of peace there even when the beach is full of families wading and swimming in the cold, cold water. It really can feel like a Chapel (especially if you are quiet!).   Most of my paintings this year focus on Chapel Pond and my woodland discoveries around it.  I paint places that give me peace, quiet places that make me forget I live in the city. I hope my paintings convey that for you, as well.  I’ll be showing these pieces as well as paintings of Keene Valley in August at Martha Corscaden’s Art Barn Gallery.  You’ll find her sign on the old iron bridge on the way into Keene Valley. You can’t miss it. It’s just past Chapel Pond.