Monday, May 28, 2012


 I've painted Chapel pond many times in oils, it's my spiritual home in the Adirondacks, but never in pastel. Pastels really lend themselves to getting that seamless color of water that you can only get with glazing in oils. Right here the sun has just topped Giant Mt and has begun its passage down the sides of the mt.  I am experimenting with about a half a dozen blues, layering them, blending with fingers, brushing out with a stiff brush and scumbling. Still some more to be done. I enjoy getting lost in the process. 14x13 3/4 pastel on sanded paper.  SOLD


William Cook said...

Wow. Nice mist. What is sanded paper? What is it roughed up? Do you add sand ? What? I saw a guy holding a bag of #OOOO Pumice in conjunction with "sanded paper". I must have missed something.

m.gaudreau said...

Sanded paper is paper with a ground with a very fine pumice in it. You get a fine tooth that really grips the pastel. You can buy it in many colors. There is also a gesso you can get with fine pumice that you can paint on larger paper. The pumice grabs the pastel and there is very, very little dust.A brand called Wallis says you can lay down 22 layers of pastel as well as watercolor and oils.