Thursday, July 14, 2011

Painter at Hulls Falls

Here is a little painting I did en Plein air last summer of a classic Adirondck waterfalls in Keene Valley. I will be bringing it up to Keene Valley in August for a show. I was out painting with Bear Miller and the seeing reminded me of the landscape paintings of the early 1800's where the painters would include small figures in their landscapes to highten the majestic . Bear just happened to be painting in my foreground so I included him. His painting of the falls is in the Corscaden show. While we were painting we noticed brook trout swimming UP the falls. What I didn't include was the iron bridge directly over the falls just out of the picture frame. That's the romantic in me. Perhaps next time, as a statement. oil on panels Diptych . 6x12 in.

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