Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Evening- Cromwell Bridge Park

There is a big, white stone barn just across the stream of the Cromwell Park property in Baltimore Co. The evening sun turns the whitewashd sides a warm pinkish/orangy white.

9x12 oil on panel


William Cook said...

This is really cool in its abstract sense. The blank wall. It's like It's already a painting before you ever got there, and you're just giving it the recognition it deserves. And I like the framing effect of the foreground and tree.

m.gaudreau said...

Thanks, Bill. It's nice to read a comment , now and then. Somehow, lately I've been interested not in the plein air scenic view but in flat pattern and paint texture.Perhaps your searches are seeping into my subconscious. I am drawn to the simplification of Fairfield Porter. But Tom Thompson and the Canadian 7 blow me away. Direct, thick paint, visible paint strokes and NOT PRETTY!