Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Peninsula- Severn River

This plein-air piece was started from out on Main Pier down in Sherwood Forest, MD and re-worked a bit in the studio. I am happy with it now. It's at around 8am on an early April morning before the late morning wind picks up. It was the first very warm day of Spring and the leaves were just starting to pop. In the Summer the hill is a mass of green. As I was painting the sun came out briefly from under a cloud and turned the whole hill an electric day-glo green that disappeared in a second.
I have been reading lately about the Group of Seven, Canada's landscape painters of 100 years ago. I admire their immediate response to wild beauty, their fast, thick application of paint, and their admiration of Thoreau. 12x24in. oil on birch panel

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