Sunday, April 11, 2010

Downstream - Upstream Deer Creek

The last Saturday of my Easter break was a beautiful crisp, clear day. I was at work in the studio but my wife told me how great the weather was and I shouldn't be inside on such a beautiful day. She was right. So out I went with my french easel and Maggie the dog and found myself driving north up to Rock State Park. I scrambled along the shore over rocks and boulders along Deer Creek and set up on an outcropping right below the King and Queen Seat.
I worked all day listening to the water and saying hello to trout fishermen as they would walk by thinking "why haven't I painted here before" but I knew the answer to that. Seeing the stream paintings of Robert Stark 4 years ago inspired me to paint what I really loved which is painting along the Ausable and the Bouquet in the Adirondacks. I can think of very few things more pleasant than spending the day by a beautiful river and losing oneself in sound of moving water. 8x10in and 10x10in. oil SOLD

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