Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Keene Valley Fire Truck

On a cold/white/grey day I felt the need for a burst of color. So I painted this image from the Summer. This antique fire truck appears all around Keene Valley as the days pass. I found it one August morning sitting on the front lawn of the Roostercomb Inn, a new inn filled with beautiful rustic furniture made by the the owner.
I love how the light reflects off the surface of the almost pure cadmium red of the fire truck and contrasts with the green grass.
I had done a small painting of some kayaks on the porch of this house a couple of years ago(older post) but the house was yellow back then. The truck is also in an earlier painting (Sentinel).
10x10in. oil on birch

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Dabney Starr said...

The composition is terrific on this canvas and the red truck with the flag, wonderful! The background is just right, and draws you in! Thanks for your visual posts to warm up a cold,windy and frosty winter!