Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is the view I was painting in the photograph below. My goals were to flatten the trees into shapes and to capture the orange-yellow light of the setting sun reflecting off the boats. I also liked how the white sailboat in the shadows turned blue and had to keep waiting until the boat drifted into sideview.
12x12in. on birch panel. oil SOLD!


Ed "Bear" Miller said...

The foreground successfully works through the tonal and hue conundrums we discussed at Bob Stark's reception. You're working like a master, Michael! I look forward to painting at your side in Annapolis soon.

Dabney Starr said...

This image is so visually pleasant..the way it draws you into the picture plane is magical. The idea of drifting and floating from the front surface to the background is so natural and lyrical. The image reinvents itself upon each viewing