Monday, April 27, 2009

Cairn on Big Crow

One of my earliest climbs in the Adirondacks was Big Crow Mt.
It's a smaller peak with a spectacular view, another one of the great walks in Keene. I am attracted to how the light plays over these sculptural entities. I love painting rocks. You build a painting just as the cairn was built. This is a large pastel and I haven't quite decided how "finished" it will be. I am working from several different photo references and it is not my intention copy the photo exactly. Why do that?
pastel 18x26in.


S. Dabney Covington said...

This is almost abstract..more about shape,texture and composition. The Cairn seems like a rock person to me. This rock person is a pensive viewer. The crosshatched white lines under the rocks are well done. Very successful.

Wm Cook said...

Montenegro would say, "Maybe one more rock"--we'd all be hidin behind our easels snickering. You never knew if he was serious or not. The second rock with all the detail has incredible physical presence, and the glowing one above it projects a sort of spiritual quality. I am liking the way my eye is engaging at the second rock, and then ascending to the more etherial top rock--and I keep going back for another try--all in the context of this breathtaking atmosphere. I like this state--you were right to pause here. Everything seems balanced just like the rocks--composition, color, light, atmosphere and so forth. Wonderful piece! Wm