Monday, March 16, 2009

Morning light lll

This color sketch is the last in a tryptych of two buildings in Keene Valley that capture the light at both dawn and dusk in extrordinary ways. I usually walk out from the inn just past the school around 6 am with my thermos of coffee and the dog. I wait for the sun to come up over the mountain and when it strikes the town I am rewarded with long dramatic shadows and patterns of warm light. 9x9in. oil SOLD


S. Dabney Covington said...

I like the balance of space,with the sky and ground equally divided on the picture plane. My favorite part of the painting is the cast shadows on the green, green grass. The little building in the background is most appealing.

Jeanean Songco Martin said...

Hi Michael,

I enjoyed seeing your work! Deborah Brower is a friend of mine and sent the link to me.

You might want to check out my website:

there is information about a plein-air workshop in Sept. to New Mexico. Would love to have you. The workshops alows for instruction or working independently. Would love to have an "advanced" artist along.

Take care, Jeanean Songco Martin